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ROLE:eCommerce / Analytics / Creative / Technology / Online Marketing / Strategy

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RSVP Gallery


OVERVIEW. The “finest” in street culture! This client, part luxury boutique, part gallery, has the name RSVP (short for répondez s’il vous plaît). Their name is their invitation; to not only visit the store, but participate. They want their customers to get inspired and respond. Offering merchandise that doubles as art, RSVP is a highly-curated destination featuring the most sought-after accessories, books, pop art and apparel from around the world.

Launch project

PROJECT HIGHLIGHTS. Right in our Chicago backyard, we hit the pavement to create a website for RSVP that would build brand identity, awareness, and the ability for customers to engage online. We accomplished through the creation of a customer-focused website and enhanced user experience by way of a modern design. Intuitive navigation enabled seasoned customers and potential customers alike, to find relevant products and services. In addition our goal was to increase website promotion activities to drive incremental sales and conversion. We did this by providing improved online marketing technology and website data intelligence. Bravo!

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