Kate Somerville

ROLE:eCommerce / Analytics / Creative / Technology / Online Marketing / Strategy

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OVERVIEW. Whatever your skin type, Kate Somerville can give you the tools necessary for a healthy complexion. The website offers a unique range of cleansers and moisturizers that combine aesthetics with medicine. Made using the highest quality ingredients on the market, Kate Somerville products are clinically proven to improve skin quality.

Launch project

PROJECT HIGHLIGHTS. Our goal was to reflect the essence of what Kate Somerville can offer customers. We created a fun, sophisticated product-centered design that defines the brand. Once we we had Kate Somerville looking radiant, our next focus was to implement a number of new features to improve conversion rate. To further engage with users our team designed and created a unique, ‘Skin Care’ Assessment, which guides customers to a set of recommended products based on their skin type and unique needs. To help tackle future endeavors we also added integration with their SAP Bus 1 ERP.

Recent works